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How To Write An Article?

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How to write a better Article? This the question always arise in our mind whenever we start writing the blog articles. Sometimes we fail to do that for various reasons. Whenever we put aside our article writing for another time, we fail to understand that as the time flows. The chances to write a better article decrease with longer delays. Whatever we write in a hurry won’t be up to a point. Here are the tips to help you compose an above-average writing piece in short time.

Writing isn’t about using big words to impress. It’s about using simple words in an impressive way.

Sierra Bailey

Avoid The Distractions

How to write an Article?

Whenever someone asks me how to write an essay fast. I always recommend eliminating any potential distractions. We often feel the need to answer every text and check social media while writing the articles. As a result, we break the writing flow. Then we end up composing lame paragraphs and lower grades. Moreover, distractions are the source of unwanted delays.
Social media is the primary source of distractions for a student. If you aim to write an article quickly, try to switch off your phone so that you can focus on one thing the entire time. Shortly you may notice that your work is getting better and better. It’s because you concentrate only on a particular item, and your mind has no alternative. So it helps you to get its creative flowing. We should sit in a room where no one can find you. Soon, you’ll be writing completing your blog articles in an hour.

You must understand that your creativity comes alive when you spend time alone focusing on your projects without distractions.

 Sunday Adelaja

Find Your Optimal Place

No matter how hard you try, writing an essay with limited time may seem impossible. This is often because of the environment around you. We need calm and peaceful places where their minds work to their full potential and now know it yet, but our writing place matters. We mostly give up on writing, as they are unable to produce quality content. Little do they know that the problem is not with them, but their surroundings. Always look for a place where you feel the most convenient. Once you find a comfortable room, you should set a suitable desk, and start composing your article. Shortly, you’ll realize that your mind is working like a flowing river.
The answer to how to write a good article quickly is figuring out a location where your brain works in an optimal condition. There are specific points you should keep in mind while looking for an ideal location:

  • The room must be away from all distractions and must be easily accessible
  • Your family and friends should not have an idea about the place
  • It should not be somewhere that might get crowded at certain events
  • There should not be one location. You should identify many sites so that you may go to another in case one is not approachable for any reason
  • Ensure that your selected site is near a grocery store to get something to eat if you are hungry.

For better Article Always Avoid Plagiarism

One can steal everything from an artist except their talent.

Marty Rubin
How to write an Article?

The most common question about how do I force myself to write an article. If you look at writing as something that can be achieved by force, you will regret it later on. Last-minute forceful writing can make you do silly things. For example, picking up content from the internet and passing it as your own. It’s not only wrong but unethical. Never should you copy from the internet and submit your article as your own. Who knows, the content you thinking proves to be an asset to the literature. Always avoid plagiarism.

Don’t Forget To Plan the Article

It would be best if you always had a plan before starting the actual writing. Must if you want an article to shine. Since most writers are in a rush and they write without proper planning.
Try to outline all your essential points so that you can write in one flow. You can write down all the vital inquiries on a piece of paper and arrange them in an orderly format at the end. Don’t ever jeopardize the quality of your article because of a short deadline. A half-written right item is better than a complete one with no credibility.

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Proofread, Proofread and Proofread

Proofreading the article before the actual submission should be your habit. Even if you are in a hurry, you must go through the document at least once to remove any errors. It might not be much, but you may identify and amend silly mistakes.


Don’t Over write.

Writers always make a mistake by inserting unimportant information. Avoid such acts and if you can’t produce good content, try hiring writing services.

Focus on the better Introduction and Conclusion

One thing that you must ensure is writing the perfect introduction, as well as the conclusion. This is because readers can tell if an article worth reading from the introduction. If your article doesn’t create any interest in the reader from the start, the chances are that the rest of the article gets ignored. Moreover, the conclusion must also be on point.


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