Top 10 Games To Look Forward To In 2021

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Top 10 Games To Look Forward To In 2021
Top 10 Games To Look Forward To In 2021

It doesn’t matter what platform you are playing on whether it’s on Xbox, PS5, PC or even mobile. The fact is that 2021 is set to be one of the biggest years in gaming industry, especially now that the PS5 and Xbox Series X launches are out of the way. And while the world may still be in the middle of its fight with Covid-19, which has led to some games been pushed back as a result, there is still a lot to look forward to this new year. So, if you’re excited to learn which 2021 games will be taking up most of your spare time during quarantine in the coming months, then make sure to read on below.

1. Halo Infinite — TBD 2021

Platforms: Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One

Halo Infinite was initially meant to be a launch game for the next-gen Xbox Series X/S. However, it ended up being delayed to 2021 after the developers previewed its gameplay at the Xbox Games Showcase. This upcoming entry to the flagship shooter franchise is intended to come back to the franchise’s roots as it focusses on Master Chief and his battle across ancient ring worlds filled with hostile Covenant forces. The developer 343 Industries’ stated that the reason the game was delayed was to improve the quality of gameplay. Something that is proving to be for an ambitious step forward for the franchise. Moreover, despite the general response to the game’s demo going off as slightly half-half, there is still a lot of promise with Halo Infinite. As of now, we are not sure when the next gameplay reveal will be. However, let’s hope that it will end up being one of the big 2021 games that end up being a show-stopper.

2. Hitman 3 — January 20, 2021

Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S

The latest games in the Hitman franchise have all been focussed on exploring the scope of Agent 47’s campaign to take down the world’s worst villains and operatives who have a dark past. In this upcoming new entry, IO Interactive stays evolving, taking on a whole new approach by presenting the current Hitman trilogy’s most complete experience. The game which is set to launch this January, will allow players who own the first two games to import their maps into the third game. Moreover, players will be able to add new gameplay innovations and visuals upgrades to past levels. Additionally, the game promises to also includes total virtual reality support for every mission This is something completely new in the series, for reference, so it’s a pretty big deal. What we can be sure of is that Hitman 3 is set to be the most comprehensive title in the franchise. And it will grow from that point with a continuous set of new updates and levels as time passes.

3. Far Cry 6 — March 2021 

Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

This franchise is incredible well-known to present some of the most frightening and towering villains in the gaming world. And this new entry into the franchise spoiled to have its most threatening antagonist yet. In Far Cry 6, the game tells the story of a fictional island country called Yara. It is a country that is currently on the brink of revolution to overthrow menacing dictator Anton Castillo, portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito. You may also remember him from the critically acclaimed series, Breaking Bad, where he portrayed the infamous character of Gus Fring. 

However, unlike previous titles which followed the concept of being a foreign character thrown into a conflict-stricken world, this time you play as a born native. One who must work with the rebels to overthrow and destroy the Castillo regime. The game was intended to be release in February, but was aptly pushed back to March, instead. Regardless, it is still one of the most anticipated 2021 games. As such, it will be quite interesting to see how the latest Far Cry instalment performs on next-gen hardware.

4. Hogwarts Legacy — TBD 2021

Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter franchise, then get ready. As this title is set to quench your thirst quite nicely. This is because while most of the franchise has been focussed on producing live-action films, that is all about to change with Hogwarts Legacy. This game marks the first time for a game where players will be able to fully dive into world of magic as an original character. And start their academic career at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. For the time being all we have sen of the game appears in the trailer. However, it’s clear that it it will be an open-world title. This means players will be able to fully explore Hogwarts and its surrounding environments. Moreover, with the game’s release schedule set for this year, it only means we’ll soon be walking the halls of Hogwarts sooner rather than later!

5. Guilty Gear – Strive — April 9, 2021

Platforms: PS4, PS5

This upcoming release will essentially be the 7th entry into the fan-favourite franchise. It is also set to be a glorious presentation into the technological advancements. And skill that the developer Arc System Works has never used on any game, ever before. The developer has enjoyed a ton of mainstream attention due to their work on popular franchises such as; on DragonBall Fighter Z. However, it seems that Arc System Works is now going back to familiar territory but with a wide array of new advancements up its sleeve. The developer has also teased that this game will be the culmination of the trails and tribulations of the franchise’s hero and villains. This means fans are set to see the inevitable conclusion of a battle that has been waged for the better part of two decades now. This mixed in with new graphics and a battle system that is set to rival even the likes of Street Fighter or Tekken, is exciting to thing about. In short, it’s possible that Guilty Gear – Strive may end up being one of the most impressive fighting titles in the 2021 games release schedule.

6. Resident Evil 8: Village — TBD 2021

Platforms: PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S

It’s safe to say that Resident Evil 7 was a solid refresh of the franchise. Mostly because of its impressive action sequences and rather intimate first-person experience. It success effectively brought Resident Evil back to its true roots as a survival horror games something that hasn’t really been seen since Resident Evil 4. However, with this upcoming release, it looks as though the franchise is ready to shift into even more heavy action-horror. From its latest reveal, player can see that the returning protagonist Ethan finds himself up against Chris Redfield. In the process of which, he travels to an isolated European village in pursuit. But as we can expect from Resident Evil, the setting has its own horrors and dark secrets that lay hidden within. Despite only seeing a very small amount of gameplay footage, this new entry looks to carry on with the same tone that RE7 had. But with much more adrenaline pumped in. It is definitely one of the top 2021 games to watch out for in the coming months.

7. Horizon: Forbidden West — TBD 2021 

Platforms: PS4, PS5

This was actually one of the last few 2021 games that were announced during the PS5 reveal stream a few months ago. It is also the sequel to the original Horizon: Zero Dawn which launched in 2017. In this new entry, players will first discover Aloy, who is heading to the west coast to explore the ruins of the now decimated state of California. The mission is to stop the spread of a deadly disease in the process. Horizon: Forbidden West is set to be available on PS4. However, the developers state that the game is designed to make use of the PS5’s advanced loading and processing power. This is to provide a more definitive gaming experience. So, this will undoubtedly ensure that the exploration of  the game’s visually stunning world all the more incredible to witness. However, for the time being, we have yet to know exactly when the game will be released. All we know is that we can expect, Horizon: Forbidden West to launch sometime in 2021.

8. Deathloop — May 21, 2021 

Platforms: PC, PS5

Developed by Arkane Studios, this title can be described as an immersive sim game. In Deathloop, you take on the role of Colt, an assassin tasked with killing important targets on a mysterious island. The reason? To break out of the time-loop that he’s trapped in. Basically, in the game each time you die, you are forced to restart the day over. Through this, you will at least possess more knowledge on the best way to accomplish your goals. However, what makes this game very tricky is that there is an assassin –played by another player or AI— who is looking to stop you. It is best compared to Hitman but it also adds a layer of betrayal and twists that are to expected in a time-travel murder mystery. Deathloop is set to be released on May 21 on PC and PS5 as a timed console exclusive.

9. Monster Hunter Rise — March 26, 2021

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

There is no doubt that Monster Hunter : World did well to break into mainstream gaming market on consoles and PC in 2017. However, it seems the franchise is caring for its next big release. And this time it’s targeting the handheld market. Monster Hunter Rise will be using the developer Capcom’s, proprietary RE Engine. This means the new game promises to boast even fewer loading screens, more open-ended areas, and even more improvements. This will essentially help make navigation and game traversal more interesting and engaging than ever. Moreover, the new entry appears to be taking a more lighter approach. At least, compared to the more serious tone in Monster Hunter World. As such, whether you are a fan of the franchise or a newbie, you should give this game a look upon release.

10. Battlefield 6 — TBD 2021

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X, PC

At this point in time, there are very few details to speak about when it comes to Battlefield 6. Everything bout its release is shrouded in mystery and speculation. However, what we do know about the game is that the developer DICE and publisher EA will push the new consoles to their absolute limits. In some of the recent Battlefield games, the franchise revisited both World Wars. The first and second Battlefield covering WW1 and WW2, respectively. Whether the game will tackle similar historic battles and wars such as Vietnam is yet to be seen. However, even if the chosen setting doesn’t end up suiting your liking, not to worry. You can expect DICE to give us one hell of a presentation of what their Frostbite engine can accomplish on the latest consoles. What we can definitely expect is the developer to present some realistic graphics, incredible map designs and some sure-fire destructibility. So, do keep an eye on any news regarding this new title.

We hope this article of 2021 games has proven to be informative reference for this year’s gaming experience. So, make sure to keep up with our website for more gaming related news!

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