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Benefits of swimming

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Swimming is a confusing sport, because sometimes you do it for fun, and other times you do it to not die. And when I’m swimming, sometimes I’m not sure which one it is.

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Humans have been swimming for a long time even before it became a thing of sport and exercise. When you swim, you get a lot of benefits which you would usually derive from doing aerobic exercises, but in the case of swimming you wouldn’t have to bother about undue strains to your joints. Whatever your age is, you can’t go wrong swimming, because it’s the best exercise you can engage in without thinking too much about equipment or facilities or anything. All you need to do is wear your swimming trunk and jump into the water. Of course, you should already know how to swim.

Athletes also go swimming to keep fit and stay healthy even when they are in the process of recovering from an injury. Despite the benefits swimming can offer to the body, a lot of people are still not knowledgeable about it. In this article, we’ll be studying briefly the top advantages that you will receive when you swim regularly.


Swimming helps you stay flexible

When you swim, your body performs a lot of activities which includes reaching with your hands on the water; stretching and pulling through the currents and then, twisting your body through the waves. Your paddles are your ankles, and every kick from your legs helps you move forward through the water currents while you push against the pressure from the water body. This repetitive stretching from your swimming strokes helps your body to maintain flexibility.

Swimming builds up Bone Mass

For many years, specialists have stayed on the idea that regular swimming can affect bone mass. While most people believe that only weight-bearing workouts can build bone mass, recent studies proved that swimming could increase bone weight. According to a published research, there are some moral reasons to avoid in-depth bone observations of people. That’s why they conducted a study into three rat groups – running, swimming and a no exercise stimulation group. While the research has proved that running still shows the highest increase in Bone Mineral Density or BMD, the swimming group could also offer exciting benefits over the controlled group in both femoral bone weight and BMD. While more researches are required, the new data obtained show that the previously released studies about how swimming can influence bone mass should be an open book once again for many to look into

Swimming improves muscle’s strength

Swimmers are gaining muscle strength through their entire body. While runners build muscle, particularly in their legs, swimmers use more muscle groups of their whole body to move forcefully through the water. When the legs kick, the swimmer’s arms stretch. The stomach tightens to maintain the legs’ core and strength, making swimming the most effective aerobic training you can ever subject your body to, giving you a total body workout. If you need any motivation, look at the physique of Michael Phelps.

Swimming improves exercise-induced asthma

It is frustrating when you try to work out, but you cannot get your breath. Luckily, swimming lets you breathe in the humid air while you train. The total opposite is when you work out in the gym, where you breathe dry air. Swimming doesn’t only help reduce asthma symptoms – studies prove that swimming can increase the lung’s overall condition. Even if you don’t have asthma, you can still benefit from swimming too, because it can increase the overall lung volume and teach useful breathing techniques.

Swimming helps reduce inflammation

While most people might know about swimming’s cardiovascular benefits to strengthening the heart’s muscle, one research also found out that aerobic exercises like swimming can help reduce inflammation, leading to the heart’s atherosclerosis build-up. Decreasing inflammation in the entire system also leads to a lessened improvement of the disease in other areas. Therefore, expect to hear more advantages of swimming as the research continues.

Swimming burns calories

Almost everyone knows that regular swimming works as one of the most powerful exercises in consuming calories. Nevertheless, most humans do not realize that it can be just as efficient and effective as using a treadmill. Swimming can consume greater, if not equal calories, than running, depending on your intensity as well as on the stroke you choose. You do not have to bother about the sweat reaching your eyes.

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