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The introduction of Air pods and earbuds have entirely changed the listening concept through the wired headsets and hand frees. Small and lightweight structure earbuds with multiple connectivity options have made a huge name in the tech industry. Its craze and a rise in its demand is proof of its success.

Many of the brands introduced their earbuds with various features with different price tags. A slight change or advancement in such excellent devices is the user’s key attraction in the competitive tech industry. The survey has proved that 85 percent of the individuals are mostly attracted and loves to opt for the latest technology device present in the market.

Picture of Bose Open Earbuds
Bose Open Earbuds

A new way to listen

Bose-free earbuds neither go inside your ear nor even cover them. Instead, they are explicitly designed to give a gentle grip to the ear and locks it there.

These earbuds provide no ear tips and no vibrations and prevent them from getting lost with their firm grip. The Bose earbuds is a beautiful training partner for athletes, runners and cyclists. Popping out of an earbud is something that most people are most worried. 

Best gripping technique of earbuds

For the user’s ease and comfort, the Bose earbuds come up with a different approach that features a contoured ear hook been attached to a new kind of enclosure that comes at the top of the ear canal. The tiny dipole transducer used by the enclosure produces a loud and clear sound. The built-in microphone removes the unwanted distracting noises from the surroundings and prevents the receiver’s voice from being heard by others.

The Bose sport free earbuds works on the latest Bluetooth 5.0 protocol provides an extraordinary long-lasting 8-hour battery life with a single charge. The device comes with a charging dock and an extra protective case. The case of earbuds is lighter and made of strong material to prevent any damage to the case. These open buds weigh (14g on each side) less or approximately the same as any other buds available in the market. Another useful feature of this earbud is that they are water-resistant, so you do not have to worry about sweat or water splashes. The waterproof feature aims to resist sweat, heat, splashes and rain from getting into it.   

Button Functions

Each bud consists of a single button on the left boots, your phone’s voice assistant. The right one is used for multiple tasks like acting as a power option, playing and pausing, moving to the next song, and other communication functionalities.

Eliminates unwanted surrounding noises

According to Bose, the earbuds are the first in the market that works on Open Audio technology, not on bone conduction. This unique method produces a much clear and consistent sound while isolating the surrounding noises. The microphones situated on the right bud primarily focus on your voice and reduce the distortion of winds and noise.

A gift for the fitness lover

The Bose Open Air Buds is an ideal gadget for gym and fitness lovers. They were using these air buds while training relaxes you as with the previous ones you need to adjust the headsets’ wires all the time. A solution to this problem was introduced at first with simple ear buds and air pods. But the problem remained the same. For this purpose, the Bose came up with a different approach and designed open-air buds.

These buds provide a firm grip that prevents it from falling. The device offers complete autonomy of movement. Makers refined the designing process and came up with something new. The buds give a refined look with their triple dark black colour. Open Air Buds supports the water-resistant feature that most of the buds or headsets lack significantly for a training individual. It is very beneficial.

Feel the Music through Bose Earbuds

These days finding a pair of buds with the right and long-lasting battery timing is difficult, whereas the Bose has improved the user’s ease. You can also access the features offered by the Bose Open Air Buds through Bose Music App. Receive notifications, updates and personalized settings option on the app.

The device is a complete package that offers multiple features at a low price, so what are you waiting for? Get the air buds and enjoy the music and the moment.             

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