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Similarly, the Hachi Infinite M1 Projector is the newly introduced gadget launched in the market with the most updated and mind-blowing specifications.

The technology continues to grow by bringing advancements to its existing theories and producing unthinkable products with technology collaboration. The collaboration of the gadgets with the latest generation technologies always attracts and catches an individual’s attention.

The projector’s launch made a strong impression on the audience as it somehow was considered a mini cinema that is easy to carry and use for multiple purposes. With time, advancements in the technologies used for the projector’s development have brought much better and effective projectors with some distinct features.

Latest generation Projector

Similarly, the Hachi Infinite M1 Projector is the newly introduced gadget launched in the market with the most updated and mind-blowing specifications. The projector aims to redefine how we will interact with the screens in the coming days ahead.

A projector using Artificial Intelligence

It is the first-ever AI- powered Interactive projector with a unique feature of the touch screen. The projector turns any flat surface or area into a touch display enabling the user to interact with the computer system or the mini theatre in other ways that you have never experienced or thought of. The drop in price alongside improved performance made it possible for the Hachi Projector to grow its popularity worldwide.

There are two versions of these projectors available in the market: the M1 with a 4GB Ram and 64 GB memory size and the M1 Pro with 4GB Ram and 128 GB memory storage. The projector is relatively small in size that does not a constant connection of power supply. The product’s design makes it easy for the user to experience the viewing screen either horizontally or vertically. Multiple air vents have been installed to cool the machinery working inside the gadget. The outer structure resembles a polished charcoal plastic brick covering the actual hardware part with a narrow glass facia.

Features of the projector

The projector comes up with a camera sensor on the top and a microphone placed on the projector’s sides. Power and volume buttons have been used to run the functionalities of the projector. A headphone jack and an HDMI connector are also present in it.

The components of the M1 projectors are quite powerful and robust than the other projectors. An 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 processor runs through the projector up to 2 GHz. The projector is embedded with a 5-mega pixel camera, a pair of 5-watt speakers and two bi-directional microphones. The Wi-Fi connectivity feature enhances the importance of the Hachi Infinite Projector. The 5000mAh battery extends the battery life up to 2.5 hours.

Rechargeable Remote Controller

A slim and smart remote controller is used to control the M1 projector. The shape of the remote provides a more significant and premium feel as it has a firm handgrip. One of the features that make the remote different from the others is recharging using a micro USB port. Therefore, it is a cost-effective process, as you do not have to purchase and change the batteries every time. This innovative rechargeable remote control is a delightful feature that is enormously appreciated by the users.

Recommendations of the Projector for the best experience

The 10-point multi-touch technology, mainly known as Any Touch works on all surfaces to make them behave like capacitive displays. The recommended screen size is 23 inches to 40 inches with a 2K and 4K resolution for the user’s best experience. The projector runs on Android 9.0 infinite operating system and provides the same user interface as the android smartphones.

Use Cases of the Projector

The M1 projector can be used for educational purposes like presentation work or school and business conference meetings. The distinct features allow you to browse the internet and access information, apps or any entertainment stuff from anywhere. Therefore, the first thing is to set up the projector according to the manual’s given instructions.

Why limit the touch display to the device?

The Hachi touch control display supports 10-point touch control, and the touch detects between different taps and different gestures. Airplay for the iOS users and Miracast for the android ones are the best options available for screen sharing that connects through either Bluetooth or HDMI port. There is a bunch of built-in apps along with Hachi’s own designed apps. The device can be controlled and operate by using the physical buttons placed at the top of it, through the remote control or, more surprisingly, through its touchscreen technology.

Perfect Touchscreen Projector

The virtual touchscreen characteristic makes it more relaxed and demanding. An excellent sizeable white background or area is ideal for the best picture quality as it is an important thing that the user demands. Moreover, a clear, rich definition and comfortable sound system with all the above satisfying features prove why this device is worth buying.

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