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The Ember Temperature Control Mugs are relatively light in weight and arrive in two colours like white and black. A smart led helps the user to track and monitor the perfect temperature.

Ember is that special form of technology platform where temperature control products are delivered to the world with exceptional features that no other product can. The freedom of customization is the basic rule on which Ember works. It designs, develops and constructs some cool temperature control products.

This impressive innovation is already making its name around the market and even received prestigious awards last year for its significant influence and increase in demand worldwide. These products enable individuals to set and maintain their desired drinking temperature for warm drinks. An experienced team formerly working for other renowned brands is now leading the Ember brand to its success.

Temperature Control Mugs

The launch of Ember Travel Mug 2 and Ember Mug 2 received a lot of love from the users. The products have been completely re-engineered, redesigned from the previous product launch. Ember gave a whole new look to the Mugs with several latest features. It has an excellent battery life for the user’s ease. The adoption of technology for making such impressive products is quite attractive and exceptional that no one can think of. Ember makes sure that your drink does not get icy and cold.


The outer shape of the mug designed in a way that it fits perfectly in your hand by giving a curve shape for a stronger grip. An elegant design with a perfect weight makes it even more comfortable for the user. Embedded sensors ensure the accurate temperature and level of the beverage. The long-lasting batteries are a gift to the user to enjoy their drink for a longer time. Ember has made these mugs smarter than ever by enabling the firmware and software updates.       

Specially designed for home and office places and is best for those who are busy with their work. Your coffee will never get too hot or cold. Because this smart mug allows you to set an exact temperature according to your wish. The mug maintains the drinking temperature, for about 1.5 hours with the Mug 2 10oz and up to 80 minutes for the Mug 2 14oz. So your drink stays at a perfect and accurate time as you like.

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Freedom to control the temperature

These smart mugs work on the patented temperature control technology. Which allows a preferred temperature setting from 120 F to 145 F option to the user. The second generation of Ember Mugs comes with a longer and more robust battery life. It paired with a newly designed charging coaster that will keep these Mugs charged for the entire day.

The Ember Temperature Control Mugs are relatively light in weight and arrive in two colours like white and black. A smart led helps the user to track and monitor the perfect temperature. The led glows when it reaches the user’s desired temperature, so in this way, your beverage will never get too cold or hot. Another essential feature inserted in these mugs is the auto sleep feature. The device intelligently wakes up when any hot drink is poured into it and shifts to sleep mode when not in use. 

The Ember Travel Mug 2 acts as a perfect travel companion as it is 15 percent much lighter than other Mugs variations. Specifically, this Mug has the edge over the Ember Mug 2 as this device has a lit touch display at the base of the mug. Just tap on the Ember logo, and a menu will appear in front of you for the temperature’s customization. The plus and minus symbols will be used to adjust the temperature directly on the mug, and not only this, but you can also view the battery percentage and level of temperature on it along with your personalized name.

Control with your smartphone

The designers made an app to set up temperature and to receive notifications when the required temperature is reached. You can now control your smart mug through an app that makes it more relaxed, exciting and most classy. An individual doesn’t need to handle these mugs through an app as every Ember Mug 2 is already preset to 135 F temperature. Using the mug independently will limit your experience from customizing your desired temperature from 120 F to 145 F and all other features too.

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Get Your Perfect Sip

All the features prove that these mugs are the best we have right now in the market. An evident reason is present for shifting from our regular mugs to Ember Mugs. As these mugs give the user power to control the temperature and set it up according to them. Just pour your favourite hot drink and let Ember Travel Mug 2 and Ember Mug 2 do the work.

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