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Your jacket isn’t quite enough to keep you warm in those frigid winter temperatures. That’s why Torch was made in the first place, and TORCH 2.0 COAT HEATER packs a ton of significant new upgrades into the world’s first universal coat heater.

In ancient times, people survived without any use of modern technologies, without new gadgets. It has become difficult for an individual to persist their lives without these newly invented gadgets with the passing time. However, scientists have put their tiring efforts to make life facile than before. Newly invented technologies have helped people in many phases of their lives. Imagining life without technology is a dreadful dream.

Nowadays, technology has become the main key point for an individual’s survival. It has a significant impact on ones’ life. Our life schedules have been regulated according to the technologies we use. The invention of new gadgets has helped upgrade the quality of work and has consumed our precious time. 

Communication with close ones living overseas was the central issue faced by the people in older times. However, with the invention of these technologies, the communication gap has been covered. We can talk anytime and anywhere we wish to. Previously life was more difficult as there was no weather forecast, so people were unaware of the weather conditions and might catch a cold because of the uncertain rains.

The Portable Heater

People used the old method of curing the ill, which takes ample time to get well. However, a newly invented gadget has saved our lives from catching a TORCH 2.0 COAT HEATER cold. It helps people on extreme colder days when heated rooms don’t fulfill our demands. Then this lifesaver keeps us warm and calm. It is so far the best invention for keeping yourself warm as it has many attractive features built-in, which makes it easier to function in many freeze days.

Set temperature as you wish

It is a portable, battery-operated heater. It has three thin heat pads embedded in it, which keeps you warm for more than 4 hours on a single charge. The best part of this gadget is that its heating intensity is variable so that you can adjust it according to your need. It can be installed in any jacket with any stuff. The three heating pads have a limit of temperatures from 110°­140° that is perfect for enough warmth on colder days.

Torch 2.0 Coat Heater: Battery Life

It has been powered by an ultra-thin 5V and 6000mah power battery. With this device, a charger and a USB is included. Another astonishing quality is that it is a rechargeable torch heater. If the device gets wet, there is no need to worry about it because the soft, flexible materials are machine washable. The limit of the battery is directly proportional to the heating intensity used as; it will work for 2.5 hours on high heat intensity (120°-140°), 3 hours on medium heat intensity (110°-120°), and 4 hours on low heating intensity(100°-110°). It can be used in any jacket after heating one.

Easy to operate and carry

The ultra-thin fits discretely in your jacket and pumps out the heat. It has button controls, which are easily usable by any random person as well and easy to remove from the jacket. It is easily installable. Peel off the sticker and stick Velcro adhesive pads to the coat, which has a permanent hold on fabric. 

It is durable, thin and constructed light in weight as it weighs only 4 oz. In torch heater, safety features are embedded, which protects you from short circuits and hot spots. One of the best parts is that CE and FCC certified gadget so without any doubt, go ahead and start using TORCH HEATER to keep you warm in the cold times. Another useful feature is that it has a torch in it, which also helps in dark areas. It is used in snowmobiling, skating, snowboarding, skiing, construction and so on. It has different sizes available. The versatility of the TORCH is what makes it so cool.

Now people who don’t visit cooler regions because of immense and unbearable cold would also live their life to the fullest by using newly invented TORCH HEATER, which will keep them warm and allow them to move anywhere in the world. It is a small kit which gives a superb result. It comes with two kit set, so two of your jackets get warm at a time.

Feel The Heat

Overall, this device has saved the lives of many people working in the cold. It is also suitable for old aged people because of their weak bones they feel relatively more insensitive than Youngers so it would correctly work for them. Anyhow, with the Torch 2.0 Heater, no one is going to be freezing anymore. The famous and only TORCH HEATER only does the toasting of your body to keeps you warm. It comes inside of your jacket and won’t be visible to anyone. You will love the device after using it. It keeps you warm, and then enjoy the cold.

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