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The Spray Care Band has rejected the idea of carrying bottles of hand sanitizers and instead made a useful product with an installed sanitizer spray option.

Covid-19 has affected each person’s everyday life in the world and destroyed the global economy as well. Due to this virus’s spread, several lives left this world, leaving behind their loved ones. Patients already diagnosed with other diseases have been neglected because of it.

Effects of the Pandemic

A rapid decline in world trade and businesses led to the disruption of the products’ supply, and because of it, the revenue growth continues to slow down significantly. Other than the economic sector, the service sector has also compromised to some extent. Cancellation of the large-scale tournaments and delay in essential business conferences and the cultural events happened due to the Covid-19. Closure of hotels and restaurants produced even worse outcomes as the owners were positively affected and even led to some hotels’ permanent closures.

Survival Tips

The only way everyone can survive in such a situation is by keeping themselves sanitized, wearing masks and having a 5 feet social distance between each other, and avoiding travelling for un-necessary reasons. However, the medical sector’s importance has taken a rise at this time, as the demand for safety masks and sanitizers increased. Various companies introduced multiple sanitizers in this pandemic situation. However, the launch of a wrist Spray Care Band made a massive name in the market.

Latest generation sanitizer

A rarely designed sanitizer installed in a wristband is something exceptional in such a hazardous situation. The lightweight wristband is quite comfortable and easy to carry. The latest generation atomizers enable the band to spray the disinfectant area with a single touch. 

This innovative idea is specially designed for customers with the utmost care and balanced form. A lightweight band made of a strong and effective material with distinct functionalities made a massive name for itself and continues to grow. It enables the user to secure himself or herself from the infected disease. The disinfecting spray embedded in the wristband allows the person to sanitize his hands after getting in touch with someone or a thing and also to sanitize a specific area before touching it. 

Easy to carry

The Spray Care Band has rejected the idea of carrying bottles of hand sanitizers and instead made a useful product with an installed sanitizer spray option. The spray wristband has been introduced in diverse colours like pink, blue, yellow and many more for the user’s best experience. With the Spray Care Band’s help, it becomes to disinfect the area by directing on to the surface or into your hands. 


The band uses one of the advanced generation atomizers for spraying purposes. A LED is mounted on the band that acts as an indicator that the device needs a recharge. Alongside the 5ml liquid container, a refill port is made right on top of it for the user’s ease, so there is no need to change the spray band every time it finishes. It is compatible with other liquids and accepts other hand sanitizer’s liquids such as insect repellent or essential oils. However, the drinks with higher density and gels may damage the device and should be avoided.

Covers maximum surface

The spray time lasts for three seconds, with a volume of more than 40 applications of sanitizer from a filled container. The spray band produces wide and even dispersal of spray droplets. The sanitizing spray mist covers the area approximately 5 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. The band’s atomizing technology dispenses the disinfectants that ensure you do not need to rub your hands or wipe the surface to spread disinfectants. Unlike the standard sprayers, they produce large droplets distributed liquid and leave some portion of the body unclean and infected.

A click away to sanitize

The Spray Care Band is uniquely designed and is a fantastic product that gets everyone’s attention in these challenging times. This practical and colourful band looks similar to a wristwatch, is the best partner that everyone should have whenever leaving for work. Spray Band provides comfort and a more extraordinary experience to the user. A simple touch to the soft button is all to sanitize hands or any surface. One of the best features already discussed above is the refill option given to it.

Refill Feature

The refill option plus the compatibility with other liquids is a great gift for the users. As for the makers, the main priority is always to sell as many devices as possible, but here, for the user’s ease and better experience, they have given the refill part. A complete package with all essential features is something special that everyone might wish for. 

Never be unprotected

Now there is no need to carry large and heavy bottles of sanitizers. Go for the spray care band that secures you from getting any harm from virus threats. It is the best that could be worn at all times with its lightweight and innovative idea.

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