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Advancement in the newly introduced technologies is why the user’s engagement has taken a rise towards these gadgets. These technologies have made our life way more comfortable and relaxed by limiting our stress. In today’s world, everyone is in a race to achieve his or her goals and aims. Like many gadgets, there is a newly introduced gadget, “Super Tank Pro”by Zendure.

New Generation Power Bank

Zendure SuperTank Pro is one of the latest introduced gadgets by the company and an updated version of SuperTank from 2019. It is the best portable charger with several USB-C ports and provides faster speeds. Built-in OLED screen and solid outer shape make it more fascinating.

This monster power bank is the best travel partner that you can have. It is capable of an output of 138W max and delivers promised power through the 4 USB-C ports. The display panel shows the battery percentage along with the status of each port. Like the original SuperTank, this gadget also offers the UPS/pass-through feature. This distinctive feature allows the user to charge the power bank and use it to power other devices. In this way, it acts as a power distribution hub.

The newly introduced power bank comes with several ports that are quite useful for the user. The other ports on the right provide the same functionality as left, although only 18W each. The quick charging 3.0 compatibility is the most significant improvement by the Zendure Company in this Pro version. This device embraces the future with its higher and steadier power output.

Advance Charging Power   

It provides the user with a distinct feature of allowing them to charge four portable devices at one time, from your laptops to palm devices and mobile phones, cameras, gaming consoles and even the 3D printer powered by SuperTank Pro ports. This is something that most of the power banks lack off these days. The high-powered USB-C ports take the charging experience on another level.

OLED Display

Another cool feature that most power bank lacks off is the display panel that provides information about it. However, this super-smart device does not let down its users instead, it gives much more information than expected. 

It will inform the user at what speed each device is charging and how much time is required to recharge the SuperTank Pro. The OLED display also shows the battery capacity and the input and output status of ports as it makes it easier for the user to track and check on the devices’ battery levels during the day. 

Upgradeable Software

The new products introduced in the market comes up with some new charging protocols, which are quite tricky and complex to deal with. For the user’s best experience, SuperTank Pro has eliminated this problem and provided the SuperTank Pro’s firmware that can be updated at the required time, so there is no need to buy a new power bank every time.

Compact Design

The gadget’s top and bottom are built explicitly with solid aluminum that gives it a stern look and feels more superior than the painted plastic. The structural design of this power bank is quite similar to a mini hard shell suitcase. The lightweight and size make it more comfortable for the user to carry it anywhere they want. 

It is a perfect travel charger for those who work in different locations or those who travel a lot. Charging multiple devices simultaneously is not an ordinary power bank thing, so the only option the user can go for is the SuperTank Pro. The pass-through charging allows the power bank to recharge itself and to serve as a USB-C port to power other gadgets for the use.

The working professionals are now at ease as they can now set up workstations anywhere they want. SuperTank Pro enables them to recharge their smart devices despite the location.

A Great Travel Charger

The most efficient and reliable device is a great innovation by the Zendure company as this power bank is a complete monster, ready to compete with other power banks. The features of the SuperTank Pro enables the user to experience something unique, new and amazing. For a travel lover, this is the best product he can take with him. The rapid charging, multiple ports, informational display panel, reliable connectivity, and some other super features are all installed in a single device. The super-smart device must be on the wish list of every tech user, as it will provide them with a more excellent and better experience with its distinctive features. This gadget enables you to sense and feel the power in your hands everywhere.

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