Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Mid-Season Update Drops This Month.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is in the middle of its first season. And it comes with full Warzone integration adding plenty to do for hardcore fans of the first-person shooter franchise. At the start of the new season, the developer Treyarch already added a batch of new content. It came in the form of a new map, new weapons, and new cosmetics. However, it now seems that even more updates and features are also coming this month. As the developer has announced it will be launching a mid-season Black Ops Cold War update this January 14th.

What Does This Update Aim To Fix?

The new mid-season update is set to bring much-needed updates to some of the game modes that have become popular within the first month of season one. While this first season has been live since December 16, there have been a number of problems that players worldwide have complained about, both with the season and the game in general. One of the biggest issues players have complained about  is that in certain instances of gameplay, there are moments where it apparently becomes quite unplayable.

For instance, there is a gun under the name DMR that is now considered unnecessarily overpowered. Ironically, it is for this reason almost every player in the game who was able to acquire it, has started using it. This in turn has gone on to ruin the gameplay for many concurrent players. Another notable issue was during the start of the season where an invisibility glitch was spreading rampantly across the game. It basically allowed a number of players to get easy wins.

What New Features Can We Expect From The Update?

As such, this new Black Ops Cold War update is set to resolve some of these issues, bring about a ton of new additions, and also new patches to certain game mods. The developer will also be adding a new map to Fireteam mode. Titled Sanatorium, it will feature new objective locations and environments for all of the over-the-top chaos that Fireteam usually features. Another addition the update aims to bring is the brand new 6v6 game mode Dropkick. It’s description basically says, that it is a “fight for control of the nuclear codes”. In fact, for those who may be well-informed the details on this new update may have actually slipped up in November. As per some leaked screenshots, it seems that Dropkick sees two teams duke it out over control of launch codes with the objective being to set off a nuclear bomb.

Is There Anything Else That We Can Expect From The Update?

There will also be a new mode that brings some tweaks and patches to the Zombies to make it more polished. The new mode called Cranked will essentially feature a clock counting down to the players’ deaths. This will then force players to keep on killing zombies in order to add time and extend their lifespans. There are also a ton of other features coming with the new update.

So there’s quite a lot to look forward to next week. If you want more information on what’s coming, Treyarch shared all the details in the January 7 patch notes. You can find all the details located on their official website. All in all, one can only hope that with this new update solves the issues that many players have experienced. However, it’s more likely that just most of the bugs will be sorted, rather than a completely smooth gameplay experience. 

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Make sure to keep on following us for more gaming-related news and updates on our website!

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