Control Is Set To Arrive On Xbox Game Pass For PC This Week.

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There is plenty of good news to unravel for PC Players who may have missed Remedy’s latest supernatural title last year. The critically acclaimed game, Control that was released exclusively on consoles, will now officially be released this January 21st on Xbox Game Pass for PC. However, keep in mind that it is a title that is no stranger to the Xbox Game Service.

This is because Microsoft added Control to the console version in December. And if you don’t already own a Game Pass subscription, then you are definitely missing out. For just $10 per month, members can gain access to a massive library of games filled. And a major benefit is the ability to play first-party Xbox titles for no extra cost. But Game Pass is also worth it because of its collection of lesser-known titles that may have previously flown under the radar.

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What Is The Game About?

For those who may be unfamiliar with the game, Control is a supernatural action-adventure video game, that was released in August 2019. It is also a game developed by Remedy Entertainment. It tells the story of a top-secret government organization called the Federal Bureau of Control (or FBC) which is tasked with monitoring “paranatural” occurrences that go against the laws of reality. As newly appointed FBC Director Jesse Faden, players have to utilize a customizable array of supernatural abilities and a transforming “Service Weapon” handgun in order to uncover the secrets of the Hiss, an otherworldly entity with the ability to possess humans. 

What Is The Gameplay Like?

Control kicks off with Jesse, who is trapped inside the Federal Bureau of Control, searching for the building’s head of security, Rooney. Without giving too much away from the plot, Jesse walks through the seemingly normal office building, only to find people floating in midair. With other people (who are possessed by the Hiss) attacking her. Moreover, as the game progresses, the setting is constantly ever-changing, as Jesse finds herself traversing through several mind-bending locations. 

There is an almost horror aspect to the game, but it’s more thrilling than it is terrifying. Part of that is due to the game’s aesthetic and the routinely changing environment. This gives the game a truly unique feel. Moreover, its versatility in level development has produced a game, that looks as though it’s straight from Inception. Moreover, the game’s supernatural element also results in some strange and potentially terrifying enemies. So players will have to navigate not only shifting walls, but vicious attacks.

In short, Control is an intriguing (and fun) adventure story, one that is certainly different than other games out there. Control also received rave reviews and awards from such organizations as the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. As many praised its gravity-defying visual style and twisting level design that does well to envelop the player in its disturbing atmosphere. So, if you haven’t already, it’s worth checking out for curiosity alone.

Is The Game Releasing On Next-Gen Consoles?

Yes. Control will also be receiving a next-gen upgrade on next-gen platforms PS5 and Xbox Series X on February 2. However, this release date on February 2nd will be only for the digital iteration of the game. A month later on March 2nd, the game will then hit store shelves in its physical version. As for PC players, those with Xbox Game Pass can start exploring the game sooner rather than later. However, this version of Control coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC doesn’t seem to be the Ultimate Edition. This means that two major DLCs that were released for Control won’t be a part of this PC release.

However, despite that, this latest announcement is a welcome treat for PC players. As they are now able to dive into the weird and twisted adventures of Jesse Faden. And her odd place of employment, The Federal Bureau of Control.

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