20 Ways To Make Money From Mome During Lockdown

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Work from home jobs is a flexible way to work and earn money. You can stay at home and work on your own conditions. It makes them an excellent fit for many people. And, the number of good work from home businesses has been expanding. Today in this article, I will share 20 ways to make money from home.


Technology has changed the entire story of the world.

In ancient times, people used to work tirelessly and got paid a small amount from that work. However, as time passed, many new developments have brought several goods and harmful changes in everyone’s life.

Numerous ways of earning have been established which made our life more comfortable than before. A list of benefits of earning and working from home has made this idea prevalent in the world. It not only saves your travel expenses but you can also spend a good quality time with your loved ones. We can control many of our unnecessary costs and earn money more easily from several online platforms.

Therefore, in this article, we have discussed some of the best and real ways to make money from home.

It’s not all; I will also tell you about some work-from-home jobs that are just scams. Scammers are out there who try to fool you, and you will lose instead of any profit. You will have to be aware of them.

While reading this article, you may think that you cannot do that or are not good enough for them. But remember, no one is perfect. You do not have to be an expert. As time will pass, you will get more experience and knowledge. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Here some jobs

Start a blog

Blogging has become one of the most prominent fields in earning from home. It is working for any large-scale business or promoting their products through different blogs.

It’s one of my favourite jobs, which I love to do in my spare time.

You do not need to set a time table for it. It’s very flexible. You can do it anytime, anywhere, even if you are on vacation, enjoying at palm beach.

It will change your life for the better and will allow you to earn thousands of dollars a month.

Blogging also doesn’t take a fortune to start. It just some couple of bucks, and you can start writing for any niche you love.

Online store


You can also set up your own business from home by starting an online store. It is a fantastic option for everyone who has a lower budget. It depends on your level of interest in your business. Beginners can also start any online work and can get enough experience and knowledge about it in a relatively short period.

You can use or to start your own online business.

Flip for profit

It is an interesting online work, which consumes your time, and side by side, you can earn a good amount from it. It is buying products at lower prices from markets and selling them at a higher rate. This way you can save some amount from every product. This is how flipping the prices of products bring you profit.

How Melissa Made $40,000 In One Year Flipping Items


If you love sharing your ideas and knowledge with others, this teaching profession is one of the most straightforward online jobs you can go for. The teachers assign the timing schedule for the particular class they want to take. This way, they can earn by teaching online courses.

Online teaching jobs are increasing at a crazy pace.

You can earn from $12 – $40 per hour based on the subjects. There are many online tutor sites and apps which you can use to start.

If you love to teach, then it’s a comfortable and best option for you.


People can also earn through their skills, e.g. as a transcriptionist. Transcription is a written version of some audio or something. People who possess adequate knowledge about transcription can easily earn through this field. Mostly, filmmakers, academicians etc., need a transcriptionist. In the beginning, you can make from $15, which can raise to $34 with experience.

Subject notes

Many students interested in earning in their teenage and do not find a suitable way out can now make easily. If they find it convenient to share their notes with other students, they can upload their notes on the websites from where other students can download them. For each download, you will be paid a certain amount of money, and in this way, you can earn easily by staying at home.

There are many websites where you can sell digital goods. Etsy also provides an option to sell digital goods.

Car parking 

Most of the time, people who work in city-centred areas find it difficult to park their vehicles in a safer place. If you have a free garage, you can rent the cars and earn a decent amount from home without any effort.


Renting home for filming

You can easily earn through renting your home for dramas or films shooting, as directors are always searching for different houses for their shootings. They will pay you to accommodate your place until the shoot ends. It will be an exciting sight for you to watch your home on television and a pleasant experience in addition to earning.

Who knows, might be you met a director who will give you a chance in his next movie.

Freelance Work

The skills of writing, designing and many more other activities related to a specific field are the basic and most important part of freelancing work. Freelancing is that type of work that you can complete at any place, any time according to your wish. In this, you can earn a good amount depending on the complexity of tasks you do for a person or organization. It can be a salary-based or task based job.

You can work with multiple companies, websites and blogs and write content like articles or books for them. If you know to program, then you can earn much better than others.

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Selling unwanted things

Even if you have nothing, you have everything. This means that you can also earn through selling your unwanted home items online. It is a common practice nowadays to sell any item online, which you don’t need anymore. You can declutter your home by selling all undesired clothes and things, accessories etc. There are multiple sites where you can upload the picture, mention the product’s price, and sell it.


If you are a writer and want to increase your published books’ demand, you need to make some changes to attract more people to your books. You can convert your written work into audiobooks by recording your books in someone’s voice. It is a more attractive feature, and readers will love to listen to the story instead of reading it. With each download, you will be paid for the audio.

Online Boutiques

If you want to earn through your skills, you can easily earn a decent amount. If you have good knowledge of dress designing and stitching, you can start your boutique at a lower-scale. Upload your designs along with their price tags on some famous websites. People will choose from there and order their dresses. This way, you can earn through selling these dresses.

Your voice brings you money


Many advertisements, movies demand a voiceover. If your voice matches the directors’ demands, you can earn through your voiceovers, e.g. the cartoon characters are voiceover by different people worldwide. This way you can earn money from your home.

Sell your cooked items

If you have good cooking skills and want to earn through your skills, you can start your small-scale business through this. Sell your cooked items online and earn a fair amount of money at home.


If you are good at calligraphy, you can start writing letters, invitation cards, wedding cards, and much more writing stuff. Upload your work on different sites from where people can choose the design of their wish, and in return, you can earn a decent amount for yourself. This way, you can earn through your calligraphy skills.


YouTube is one of the best platforms from where people can earn money from home. All you have to do is make a channel and upload videos on random stuff like videos on technology, biographies, or the latest news.


Rent-free rooms

One of the most common ways of earning from home is renting some portion of your house or only rooms.

Paid for giving your opinion

Some companies use the opinions of some intellectual people before introducing their refined products. Discussions and opinions matter a lot in higher development projects. People can join meetings online from their home to share their logical views about some critical issues for which they have been paid a good amount of money.

Selling website


If you are good at making websites, you can easily earn by selling them at a reasonable price. There are many ways to create a new website, i.e. you can use CMS like WordPress, Joomla or use the website builders like

If you have a good knowledge of programming, you can find a programming job from freelancing websites. Many companies outsourced their small jobs to freelancers.

Instagram influencer

If you have a good number of followers on your Instagram account, you can become an influencer for people. Brands will contact you for their advertisements and you will be paid a decent amount of your choice.


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