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How You Can Drive Traffic To Your Website With SEMRush

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Your search results aren’t good enough as compare to your competition. They are always ahead of you. Do you have a plan to beat them in business? What is your marketing strategy? Have you done any research? Do you know why your competition is having more search traffic than you? For sure, their techniques are better than yours. That’s why you never end up on google’s first page. Let’s discuss how to drive traffic to your website.

Are you ready to take charge in your hand to make a change instead of waiting for a miracle to happen? If yes, then let’s explore how you can do it.

There are several excellent SEO tools, which you can use to do an investigation of your competitors. You will need to develop a more effective strategy to take them on.

 If you want to give it a try to all of them, then go ahead. But if you want to save your time and start investigating against your competitors right away. Then you will need to go with the SEMRush.

SEMrush is the tool that I love better than anything else. It is the most powerful SEO tool available in the market.

It helps take a look at a domain’s position in search and the keywords where it’s ranking for, and other related keywords that might generate more search volume. This Article’s focus is on why I love this. 

At Startup Cafe, we use Semrush to help our clients rank better in search engines for competitive keywords and check data on how their competitors are utilizing SEO and SEM.

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About SEMrush

So are you wondering what it does and how it will help you? That’s okay. I was also on the same spot as you when I first started searching for SEO’s best tools.


What does it do?

  • It’s a tool, which helps you with keyword research over the topics.
  • You can track the keyword’s strategy of your competition.
  • SEO audit of your articles
  • looks for backlinks opportunities
  • Analyze the content of the articles

Is it trustworthy?

Many big corporations, bloggers and content marketers have faith in SEMRush in the whole world.

SEMrush has a massive number of domains and keywords. It monitors your website’s search rankings over time, matches it to your competitors, and identifies new possibilities to get into Google’s top results. SEMrush helps you with your content marketing strategy, and that is the most powerful thing it does. But before I explain to you more about how it works, we should talk about content marketing strategy and why it is an essential part of distributing the content effectively.

Why is Content Marketing So Important?

If your content has value, then it will capture more search traffic to your website and will help you to sell more products.

There are many benefits of content marketing i.e.

  1. Your customers will keep coming back to your website
  2. It will increase the user engagement
  3. You will be better than your competition
  4. It will help you to understand the market needs
  5. Your content’s quality will increase
  6. You will receive more frequent and quality feedback on your products

How SEMRush helps you?

Keep your content fresh.

As your time flows, your content gets old too. The old and stales content becomes less significant to your users. As time flows, you should keep updating your content.

Every year people do different searches and use other keywords. So you need to update your content with new popular keywords. 

Better Keyword Strategy

Keywords are an essential part of content marketing. Using the right keywords, you can bring the customers to your page.

Using SEMRush, you can identify and create short and long-tail keywords that will bring you more traffic. SEMRush has many intelligent SEO features for your article optimization like the content template, writing assistant or topics research.

SEMRush helps you to understand how people search. You do not need to spend hours guessing the right keywords. You can identify the right keywords in some minutes without even wasting your time.

Keyword Research has three major features

  • Magic Tool
  • Overview Tool
  • Content Gap Analysis

Audit Yourself

Before starting looking into your competition’s strategies, first of all, you need to audit about your welldoing in the market. Using SEMRush’s overview screen, you can figure out everything you want to know about your website’s traffic, i.e. organic, paid, referral traffic or direct. It also shares the report if your traffic is getting worse or good.

Spy on your competition

Once you have audit yourself, it’s time to spy on your competitors. Everyday many people start a new blog. Are you doing anything different than others?

It’s essential to watch out if how your competition is performing. Using SEMRush, you can have a more in-depth look into your competition and the keywords they are using. You can build your content using those keywords, which will target the related audience.

Real-Time Reports

Do you want to wait for weeks or months to get the report of your website?

I guess not.


SEMRush brings your competitor’s keywords audit and performance report in real-time. You do not need to wait even for days, unlike some other tools.

Once you list the keywords your competitors are using, you can use SEMRush to brainstorm more related keywords, keyword variations, and questions related to the keyword. It will help you to build your content better. For example, if you search the term “read book,” then it will share the keywords relevant to it, i.e. “books to read”, “good books to read”, “must read books”, “what book should I read” etc…

A screenshot of SEMRush tool's keyword overview.

Track your ranking

Using SEMRush tool, you can keep tracking the rankings and save progress over time. This feature will help you to understand what actually worked and what didn’t. You can go back to the Article you wrote a year ago and identified what keywords brought you more traffic before so you can use similar keywords again.

Sustain your existing traffic

backlink tools

SEMRush helps you bring a surge of new traffic and empowers you to sustain your current traffic. In order to fetch more fishes, you can’t afford to lose your bucket already filled with fishes. If you do that, you will not stay in business for long.

Monetizing Opportunities

Usually, bloggers monetize their blog posts using Google Adsense or displaying Amazon ads or similar. You can also reach out to the companies to display their ads on your blog or website. To attract companies to show their ads in your blogs, you must have great content on your website. Using SEMRush, you can look for the keywords and identify the businesses paying for the pay-per-click ads.

Watch for Panda

Since Google released the Panda, several websites were hit very badly. Panda will filter out all the duplicate content, over-optimized blog posts with focus keywords, overstuffing of internal links. SEMRush audit and identifies the errors that will catch by Google’s Panda. So you can update as recommended and make sure that there are no loopholes left.

Backlinks perform a tremendous role in SEO. If you want your guest posts, blog posts, business or website to get more organic search traffic, then you must have link building strategy. With SEMRush, you can find out how your competitions are getting traffic and backlinks, helping you understand your strategy flaws.

In the backlinks analysis, SEMRush has three significant features


  • Toxicity score
  • Backlink & linking domain discovery
  • Link-type and anchor text


In this article, I have shared some reasons why I love SEMRush more than any other tool. Either you are a blogger or a website owner, this tool is easy to start and build your content strategy. You do not need to spend millions of dollars on hiring SEO persons and content marketers. SEMRush provides different plans to help you audit your SEO, optimize your content, and build a backlinks strategy.

The better your content will be, the more social shares your article will get.

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