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Philosophy or Physics to explain the Origin of the Universe?

Every and every one of us has, at least once in our lives questioned the Origin of the Universe. We have been conditioned to believe that science, more specifically physics explains the origin. The Creation of the universe through the infamous Big Bang Theory. But does physics have all the answers or does philosophy weigh

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Time travel Romance Works of Fiction You Have to Read

What do you get when two of the most rejoiced genres team up? – Time Travel Romance. A genre so magical, one that leaps through time. The possibility of meeting anyone in existence and falling head over heels for them. Going to places long forgotten, meeting the love of your life there, witnessing something so

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Is Jesus’ bloodline alive today – Secrets Revealed by The Da Vinci Code?

The launch of this mystery thriller in 2003, caused a sensation worldwide. One of the main conspiracy theories put forward by Dan Brown in The Da Vinci Code was – “Is Jesus’ bloodline alive today?” The book has received overwhelming responses over the years, owing to the religious and historical “secrets” the book seems to

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How You Can Read 26 books A Year.

For some people, reading 26 books a year is nothing, while for some watching 26 movies a year is easier, and there are others who are just too busy to grab a book and read. I want to believe that you’ve done the no-brainer maths after reading the title: If you’re to read 26 books

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Should we read books to escape reality?

Can novels change your perspective on reality? Should we read books to escape reality? It’s true that books are a means of escape from reality. Being an attentive and regular reader can help us maintain good health and overcome stress-related mental issues. Moreover, reading a book regularly can also help in lowering and stabilizing our

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GEORGE CLASON’S Richest Man in Babylon

Let’s Learn What The Ancients have to say about money and gold from the GEORGE CLASON’S Richest Man in Babylon. “Ahead of you stretches your future like a road leading into the distance. Along that road are ambitions you wish to accomplish…desires you wish to gratify.”  George S. Clason.             

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9 Books to Read before starting a Startup/Business

Books are by far the most affordable and structured way to get advice before starting a startup/business. A variety of books touch on a spectrum of problems one might encounter when starting a business. One might read a book about optimizing their development cycle when starting out small. Or how to build appropriate features at

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Review of the famous Oscar Wilde Novel: The Picture Of Dorian Gray

In one of his most famous literary works, Oscar Wilde has described the story of a young and handsome man in his novel The Picture Of Dorian Gray. Who sells his soul to the devil in exchange for eternal beauty and youth. The story of moral destruction went viral when it first appeared in 1890.

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How To Write An Article?

How to write a better Article? This the question always arise in our mind whenever we start writing the blog articles. Sometimes we fail to do that for various reasons. Whenever we put aside our article writing for another time, we fail to understand that as the time flows. The chances to write a better

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2021 – The Best Year to Read These 11 Classic Books

2020 was one of the most intense experiences in our lives. But after each such cataclysm comes the bright light which paves the path for us to shine. 2021 is your year to read classic books and revive a period so enriched with literature. Culling is God’s Natural Order but what followed the Black Death?

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10 Books You Should Read In 2021

The new year is here; how many books have you read last year? What’s your resolution for the year 2021? Are you looking for another reading challenge? I have written this article to share my top 10 books which I read in the last couple of years, and these are my favorite. If you are

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