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Zendure Super Tank Pro

New Generation Power Bank Zendure SuperTank Pro is one of the latest introduced gadgets by the company and an updated version of SuperTank from 2019. It is the best portable charger with several USB-C ports and provides faster speeds. Built-in OLED screen and solid outer shape make it more fascinating. This monster power bank is

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Spray Care Band

The Spray Care Band has rejected the idea of carrying bottles of hand sanitizers and instead made a useful product with an installed sanitizer spray option. Covid-19 has affected each person’s everyday life in the world and destroyed the global economy as well. Due to this virus’s spread, several lives left this world, leaving behind their loved

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Your jacket isn’t quite enough to keep you warm in those frigid winter temperatures. That’s why Torch was made in the first place, and TORCH 2.0 COAT HEATER packs a ton of significant new upgrades into the world’s first universal coat heater. In ancient times, people survived without any use of modern technologies, without new

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As the sun sizzles in summers and sunrays, throw scorching heat, hence making it difficult to function in that situation. People usually try to stay in a chilled room for 24 hours, but unluckily have to move from there to carry out everyday life processes. Summers makes a man lazy because of the intense heat

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Ember Temperature Control Mugs

The Ember Temperature Control Mugs are relatively light in weight and arrive in two colours like white and black. A smart led helps the user to track and monitor the perfect temperature. Ember is that special form of technology platform where temperature control products are delivered to the world with exceptional features that no other

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person holding black vinyl record

iRobot Roomba 675 robot vacuum

Review: iRobot Roomba 675 robot vacuum Cleanliness is always an essential part of human life. Keeping yourself clean and the surrounding area is very important as it strongly affects one’s behaviour. The newly introduced vacuum with the latest technology usage has made a massive impression in the market with its exceptional characteristics that provide comfort

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Sony Spatial Reality Display

Sony Spatial Reality Display have a unique eye-sensing technology continually senses the position of your eyes to delivers clear 3D picture to each one. In this modern era, each individual depends on newly introduced technologies. These technologies, to some extent, cut our stress and lessen our work. The evolution of touch screen displays to the

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woman sitting on bed

How to pick the Bluetooth turntables?

Here’s how to pick the Bluetooth turntables. There are plenty of choices from brands like Cambridge Audio, Pro-Ject and Sony. Many major audio brands have participated in the Bluetooth record player enjoyment, with slick spinners from Cambridge Audio, Sony and Pro-Ject. One of the most incredible things about Bluetooth decks is they are simple to

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yellow tape measure

Best Laser Measuring Tools of All Time

We have a list of fantastic laser measuring tools to perform this job for us anytime and anywhere! Every line is the perfect length if you don’t measure it. Marty Rubin You must have seen some work of either a painter, an electrician, or even a construction worker that made you ask yourself, “How can

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Hachi Infinite M1 Projector

Similarly, the Hachi Infinite M1 Projector is the newly introduced gadget launched in the market with the most updated and mind-blowing specifications. The technology continues to grow by bringing advancements to its existing theories and producing unthinkable products with technology collaboration. The collaboration of the gadgets with the latest generation technologies always attracts and catches

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Bose Open Earbuds

The introduction of Air pods and earbuds have entirely changed the listening concept through the wired headsets and hand frees. Small and lightweight structure earbuds with multiple connectivity options have made a huge name in the tech industry. Its craze and a rise in its demand is proof of its success.

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