What Is The Best Way To Earn Money Without Working Hard

What Is The Best Way To Earn Money Without Working Hard

Are you wondering about the best way to earn money without working hard? Looking for some quick cash? Can you make money without effort?

I am mentioning just some 100s of dollars, enough to satisfy your week’s responsibilities.

Money makes it easy for you to spend your life how you want. Money can be earned quickly through hard work, with or without skill. All you need is to develop your interest in earning process.

Some lazy people want to earn money but do not want to put effort into that. Here are some excellent, effortless ways of earning money for those people.

All the strategies listed here to earn money quickly will not make you rich. They are supposed to get you through stressful times.

Money in saving account

Keeping money in a saving account means you will get interested in that money you retained in the bank by doing nothing.

On higher amounts retained, the bank will offer you higher interest than a lower amount. This offer is subduing in a few branches of banks. You can get money this way with no effort.

Open a new bank account

Some bank accounts give away some dollars only if you open a bank account with them.

Banks run these kinds of promotions a lot, so grab some cash quickly if you need some money in a short time.

You may need to deposit some money to open a new bank account.

Sell your old clothes

If you have some clothes and other items you aren’t using anymore. You can sell them at a thrift store—the clothes you haven’t worn for many years, i.e. maternity or kid’s old clothes.

Other than earning, selling items at a thrift store also declutter your home.

Sell your stuff/books

You can get some quick money by literally doing nothing this way. It is one of the standard ways to earn money.

All you need to do is disengage your old, outdated stuff from your cupboards and sell them at a reasonable price.

You can also sell your old school books or those you have already read at an affordable price. In return, You will get a good amount of money for those books if your item’s condition is perfect. It is the easiest way of decluttering your home.

Online booksellers like Amazon made it relatively easy to sell old used books on their marketplace.

You can earn more than just a few dollars If you have expensive textbooks from college. Ensure the book’s condition is good, or you’ll receive many negative reviews.

Always speak the truth about any defects, no matter how tiny they might be.

Real estate

Obtaining money this way needs a good investment, but the payoff is significant. If you own a property, you can rent out or sell it for the profitable amount you want.

Renting-out property is the best and easiest way of earning extra cash with little or no effort compared to other investments.

Usually, these days’ people are mostly interested in this way of earning. A good makeover of the home will let you earn good rent.

Sell used tech

The demand for used electronics is excellent. You can use Kijiji or Craiglist to sell your old iPhone or other electronics. Some people use these websites to flip items. They buy them at a low price and resell them for profit.

You can foresee getting a good amount of money quickly if you have old used electronics around your home.

Makeup tester

You can now quickly get good money by testing the makeup products of some beauty brands.

Beauty brands usually start the production of new products after lots of testing.

Brands will send you their newly introduced products for testing. All you have to do is to test and leave good comments on that product. This way, you can earn without investing or doing anything.

The product testing will display a clear image of the brand’s product to the people, and your reviews will help them greatly.

Selling photos

You will be amazed as now you can earn by clicking good photographs.

Pictures giant organizations are always in search of good pictures. You can find multiple sites for this selling photo purpose.

Just visit the website and go through all the formalities of it. Make your account and connect with these websites to those who need excellent and stylish photography. Follow all the guidelines and upload your photographs.

You will get a commission whenever anyone downloads your picture. It’s an easy way to get a decent amount.

You need to be good at taking pictures and selling your pics on ShutterStock or iStockPhoto to produce good revenue from something you are passionate about.

If you are good at photography, then it’s an easy way to make money online.

Online surveys

Nowadays, companies usually lookup for people who can give their products honest opinions before the product’s outcome in the markets.

Different people join online surveys to provide their honest opinions on a particular product.

You can also share your thoughts on improving any product. These opinions help them make amendments to their products, websites or any other thing that the survey points.

Companies pay a high amount to people for giving their best reviews for that product.

There are several sites where you will find online surveys like Inbox Dollars, Toluna and many more. You can make a fair amount of money through these sites.


People are seeking the answers to their queries from the expertise online. Many doctors, lawyers, and engineers used JustAnswer (and many sites like it) to earn a small income by answering questions. Some people even pay a good amount of money for those answers.

This platform is an excellent platform for professionals to earn passive income from their superb minds.

Renting free space

An easy and effortless way of earning is to rent out your home.

These days it is one of the most common sources of income for those with a lot of property.

If you plan to go on vacation for a long time, you can rent your home.

You can also rent out your backyard or garage for parking cars or any free space at your home.

This way, you can earn money effortlessly and do not have to pay anything for it.

If you are a blogger and post at least an article every week and have many users coming to your blog, you can use affiliate marketing products.

You will earn some percentage of your users every time through the affiliate links on your website.

The only need you have to start it is a good internet connection.

You can start your affiliate marketing using Amazon or ShareASale platforms.

YouTube videos

YouTube is an excellent platform for making a decent amount of money. Everyone is on the run moving to a digital platform like YouTube.

If you are creative and can create some catchy content, you can use it to share your work with the world.

However, it is not easy to earn through YouTube videos as you have first met the requirements before enabling the monetization mode.

If you love making videos and sharing them with others, it would be an enjoyable experience.

You need to upload videos on your YouTube channel daily at the start. Promote your YouTube channel through different platforms. It will help you gain more subscribers and watch time monetize your channel.

Your earnings are depended on the response you get to your videos through the subscribers. However, YouTube is an excellent way of earning, but it requires determination and creative ideas.

Online videos

Nowadays, several random websites pay you for watching their videos. These videos are sponsored videos that help websites in making money.

These websites allow you to earn money by watching it and sometimes even paying extra to share your opinion on it.

You get extra payback on watching their ads for some minutes. It is an effortless way of earning as you just go and watch.

Online course

If you are good at teaching a particular subject or multiple subjects, you can make an online course and upload it online.

Online mode of education is increasing unexpectedly nowadays. You can give private online tuition to the students as well.

Visit different tutoring sites like and Wyzant. Register yourself over there. These paid courses will help you to earn good money.

Online Tutor

Parents are always wanted to invest their funds in kids’s future. If you have a piece of good knowledge in subjects such as science, math or computers, you can be a tutor for cash.

Many websites offer tutoring opportunities. You can either use the local job agencies to find opportunities.


Carvertise advertises on the driver’s cars. If you qualify, you can earn monthly advertising using your vehicle.

You don’t need to invest any funds to start this, and it doesn’t require any effort. You just need a clean driving record.


The only condition to advertise is that you will have to maintain the driving time, which means you will have to drive the car enough. It’s a good side hustle income source.

Renting out a room to tourists through AirBnb

Suppose you are living in a city or place which is an excellent attraction to tourists. Then you can rent out your extra room or a house to AirBnb. You can earn enough good amount of money through this platform.

Small jobs at Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is Amazon’s platform for small jobs and earn. There is not much job qualification required to start this. It usually has jobs like clicking on hyperlinks, surveys, opinions, or small human-intelligence tasks.

Small microloans

If you are looking for small loans to start your online business, you can use the websites like Fundera or Prosper. You can get a loan of some thousand dollars depending upon your credit history.

There are lots of platforms that offer similar microloans. You will have to pay them back after a given period.

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Pets Care

If you are a pet lover and love to spend your free time playing with pets, then you will love this.

Many people pay a generous amount of money to someone to take care of their pets.

Sometimes, pet owners are too busy with work or have to go out of town for some time. Then you always look for people who can look for their pets.

You can find your clients in your network or try websites like PetsnFlats, Cat in a Flat, DogBuddy and DogVocay.

Earn cash by referring to the apps

If there is an app that you use a lot and provides referral credit, you can earn it by referring to your friends and family.

Some apps provide this

  • Uber and Lyft: ride-sharing
  • Grammarly: A free online grammar checker
  • Seamless: food
  • Hostgator: One of the most popular website hosting companies online
  • Everlane: clothes
  • Amazon Prime: e-commerce and technology company
  • TurboTax. Bestselling tax preparation service online
  • Questrade. An online investment brokerage with low trading fees

Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft will reward you with some money only if you use Bing instead of Google. Yes, it’s true.

You need to sign up for the Microsoft rewards program. You can also add the Microsoft Reward extension.

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